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  I ordered your delicious doggie treats for Porchia (Long Haired Chihuahua) and Kaycee (Keeshond). Thank you for making such tasty and healthy treats. Porchia and kaycee just love them. Porchia will do a little dance for the Lavender Butter Cookies. Our babies have allergies so we feel safe giving them such a healthy treat. Thanks again and we will be ordering more. I've attached a couple pictures of our babies.

Mike, Ann, Porchia & Kaycee Gallentine


"We sell these cookies at Curious K9 Boutique in Eugene , OR and they are fantastic!"

posted by LeAnne Schilling

"Most tasty dog treat! Love that my dog can share them with me! Thanks NFDO!"

posted by Kylie

"NFDO is the best. My dogs get a treat after going outside, and when NFDO snacks are in the house, they want to go outside constantly, just to come back in and get some NFDO. My wife has taken a liking to them as well!"

posted by JoshW


"Yes, we’d love to get more of your treats. They are a bit hit for the dogs here. In fact, we have one dog with a food sensitivity issue who is only allowed to get your treats (no other treats) so we’ve kept the last bag for him only and other than that we’ve long since used them all up!"

~ Gail Schroder, DVM
Director of Shelter Medicine
Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA



"Our family dog Sage has never begged for a treat like she has for a NFDO treat. Every morning she begs to the USPS box the treats came in. Yes, meat has her begging while it's cooking but for our dog to want something in a shipping box after a few days of sitting on the table is just crazy. Great job NFDO!"

~ Kym Prell



"Max, loved your treat. The first treat besides Milk bones he liked, so I will be ordering a bag after I send this email. Good job on developing this product."

~ Doug Carter of Portland, Oregon



"If I were to throw this treat off a 100 ft. cliff; the dog would still go after it"

~ Random Customer behind Mazzi's/Hideaway Saturday Market




“I don`t hold animals superior or even equal to humans. The whole case for behaving decently to animals rests on the
fact that we are the superior species. We are the species uniquely capable of imagination, rationality, and moral
choice - and that is precisely why we are under an obligation to recognize and respect the rights of animals.”

Brigid Brophy

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