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Benefits of Organic Lavender


Lavender is not just fancy décor we add for aesthetics; it has holistic properties as well as therapeutic benefits for dogs. The deep purple lavender color has a unique flavor that dogs enjoy. We always source herbs that have been grown free of pesticides and chemicals due to the fact that many herbs are heavily sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

We strive for everything we buy to be certified organic and of the highest quality. We will always source products that are also fairly traded whenever possible. We use organic lavender because it acts as a mild calming agent for dogs, it is great for breath and also for stress and high anxiety.


Lavender is a great addition to the Banana Butter Bones because it has a natural soothing effect on dogs that suffer from a number of different conditions. For instance, if your dog has any sort of separation anxiety when you leave the house for long periods of time lavender can help with this uncomfortable feeling. Long trips in the car or even getting in the car can be a dreaded event for some dogs. Our NFDO Banana Lavender Bones have a tendency to allow dogs to feel much less stress in many different situations.  If your dog is very high strung and you simply want to watch a movie in peace, we suggest one or two of our lavender treats when they deserve it; now you can kick back with your movie.

Dogs often can have bad breath for a number of reasons. No one wants a kiss from a dog with stinky breath. Our lavender helps to freshen that awful smell and make your dog happy at the same time. We noticed that it is really hard to find treats that are good for breath and are also being all natural. Often the breath treats contain artificial flavors and additives. We thought it would be appropriate to introduce a treat that is not only good for breath but also for anxiety prone dogs.

It is not uncommon that dogs have all types of anxiety. Often we may not even notice it. Dogs often do not like to be left alone; they thrive on companionship and count on receiving lots of love every day. It is hard on our pets when no one is home to pay attention to them. Allow your pup a few lavender treats before you leave and let the herb naturally mellow them out. This will help with the transition into the fact that you will not be home most of the day.  Other events such as the Fourth of July can be especially stressful for dogs with the constant loud explosions and piercing whistles. This is often the most stressful day of the year for dogs and we suggest the healthiest dose of our treats on this day.

The lavender treats were created in honor of our taste tester Seven who is the number one candidate for these treats. He had bad breath (after eating fishy foods mostly), he was always running around the house like a wild dog and he often shows signs of severe separation anxiety anytime he is left alone. When we leave he is visibly very sad. We thought there must be something we can do to help with this transition. Giving him a few treats before we leave always seems to make him content. NFDO will continue to come up with new holistic treats that are great for dogs in every way possible.


“I don`t hold animals superior or even equal to humans. The whole case for behaving decently to animals rests on the
fact that we are the superior species. We are the species uniquely capable of imagination, rationality, and moral
choice - and that is precisely why we are under an obligation to recognize and respect the rights of animals.”

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